Sheet Bronze Urn
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Sheet Bronze Urn

Price: $169.00
  • Item #: HS Sheet Bronze
  • Condition: New
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Sheet Bronze Urn is a Cube Urn made from finished bronze. This urn can be top loaded and then snapped closed. Sheet Bronze Urns are fashioned with a high finish and offer a classice look. Bronze is a precious metal and this product offers a high end look at an affordable cost.

Easiest urn to place cremated remains into.

Once this locking lid is closed, the urn will be permanently closed.


You can add an emblem to this urn. We have many in stock, so if you do not see what you are looking for, please ask. You can add a crucifix, anchor or a Star of David to compliment this beautiful urn.

You can also add a name plate to this order.