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Other Cultured Urns Options, by color.


Cultured Marble: Describes a very strong manufactured material that looks and feels like the stone or marble being replicated. Cultured marble cremation urns are manufactured by combining a variety of man made materials with natural materials, (ie.stone). The resulting appearance has the eye appeal and textured smoothness and characteristics unique to the real or natural element being matched.  Cultured Marble urns are an ideal and economical way to honor a loved one.

Amethyst Suitable for Burial
Culured Marble is strong, durable and in many cases utilized for burial. The up-side of utilizing such a durable urn: Many cemeteries allow for the burial of these urns without the need to purchase additional merchandise like an urn vault. Please contact your cemetery to see if this urn suits such a need.

Approximate Product Dimensions and info:

  • Dimensions:   9.5" x 6.5'' x 6.5"
  • Capacity:   220 Cubic Inch 
  • Style :   Standard
  • Urn is bottom filled (single opening)