Foot Print Urn made from sand.
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Ocean Sand Biodegradable Urn

Price: $339.00
  • Item #: U-PS-OCEAN-SND
  • Condition: New
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The Sand & Gelatin urns are produced using a variety of natural materials to create an artful and attractive choice for an environmentally-friendly cremation urn. The foot-print theme is a popular choice for beach lovers, sun loving, free spirit or special individuals.

When placed in water, the Sand & Gelatin Urn will briefly float prior to sinking. The urn will biodegrade within 72 hours. When scattering at sea, please refer to Federal Regulations, which may require a minimum distance to disperse ashes. 

When buried the urn will biodegrade in approximately three months.

Item # Size    Dimensions Capacity    

   8.85" x 6.9

200 CI   ADI