Metal Urns

´╗┐Metal urns are strong enough to withstand the elements for ages to come and therefore suitable for display outdoors or to retain in the home, as a loving tribute to that someone special.

Why Metal Urns? Metal urns are often cherished at home. However, like many other cremation urns, metal offers a durable tribute that can pass the test of time and are ideal for entombed in a cemetery columbarium niche, or buried in a family grave. Depending on the selected type of metal used to produce an urn, will determine the overall cost of the merchandiser. For example, bronze and copper are precious metals that are mined and more rare than metals like steel and brass that are more abundant and therefore, less costly. Many urns today are crafted from brass. Brass offers a strong product that can be designed, polished and hand painted to become a precious memorial for a loved one. So, when selecting a metal, keep in mind that you do not always need to spend too much to get a good quality urn.

All of our urns selections are high quality and fairly priced to help you through this difficult time.

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Mother of Pearl In Flight Urn Orange-Gold Cremation Urn with Hand Engraved Band. Metal Keepsake Hearts
Mother of Pearl Doves In FlightOrange-Gold Tone Urn with Engraved BandFinished Metal Hearts

Mother of Pearl Going Home Doves Inlay. Beautiful and different. Doves going home has been a classic and this urn brings a classic into the modern selection room for urns. Rare and hard to come by. Limited supply

Orange and Gold Tone Cremation Urn. Modern and Unique.

Brass Metal Heart Keepsakes





Genesis Collection offers a variety of colors. These cremation urns a common choice. Belmonte Cremation urn The Americana veteran and patriotic cremation Urn
Genesis Urn CollectionSilver Belmonte Cremation UrnAmericana Cremation Urn

"Genesis Collection" - Choice of Color

Belmonte cremation urn is a high p olished silver and black brass urn with decorative leaves. This urn is an all around beautiful tribute. Keepsake tokens are also available and may be purchased separate or with your order. The Belmont is ideal...

Americana Brass Cremation Urn. Keepsake is available






Artisan Auburn Cremation Urn (keepsake and heart sold separate) Artisan Indigo Cremation Urn (keepsake and heart sold separate) Athena Pewter Brass Cremation Urn
Artisan Auburn Cremation Urn Artisan Indigo Cremation Urn Athena Pewter Cremation Urn

The Artisan Auburn  brass cremation urn

The Artisan Indigo brass cremation urn

Athena Pewter Urn: Engravable






Autumn Cremation Urn Brass Metal. Matching Keepsake Toke is availabe and sold separate. Celtic Cross Metal Urn. Keepsake token and keepsake heart are available and sold separate. Rose cremation urn. Rose Etched into brass metal.
Autumn Cremation UrnIrish Celtic Cross UrnRose Cremation Urn

Autumn Brass Metal Urn

The Celtic Cross brass cremation urn is ideal for those with Irish Heritage

Rose Cremation Urn. Etched into brass metal. 




Ruby Cremation Urn. Keepsake and Heart sold separate Silver Oak Cremation Urn. Keepsake and Heart are availabel and sold separate. Classic Bronze Slate is elegant and classy.
Ruby Grecian Crimson UrnSilver Oak Cremation Urn (Keepsake and Heart are sold separate)Classic Bronze Slate Urn

Ruby Grecian Urn 

The Silver Oak Brass Cremation Urn

Classic Bronze Slate Cremation Urn is a beautiful tribute.




Classic Bronze Cremation Urn. Matching Keepsakes are abailable upon checkout Classic Pewter Urn (Keepsakes available - sold separate)
Classic Bronze Cremation UrnClassic Pewter Urn

Classic Bronze urn. High quality and durable metal urn.

Pewter Metal Urn.



Metal urns range in texture and quality. Bronze and copper will remain precious metals for ages to come. Steel and brass urns are strong metals that offer price flexibility and unique designs.