Golden Butterfly Cloisonne Urn

Price: $325.00
  • Item #: HS-C159L
  • Condition: New
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  • Dimensions:      8.75" x 8"
  • Capacity:           210 Cubic Inches
  • Also available:   Keepsake (small) or Heart Keepsake
  • Engravable:       No

Most Cloisonné cremation urns are made from a brass material that is later decorated with an enamel inlay finish. Cloisonné style urns require an ancient, metalworking technique in their design. Skilled artisans utilize their sacred experience to decorate these pieces. The final touches for a cloisonne style urn is time consuming and demands specialize detailing. Today, the Chinese have this art and trade perfected.

The Golden Butterfly Urn is considered a high end quality urn.
Cloisonné urns are beautiful pieces of artwork, many family members retain them at home as a living tribute to their loved one. On the other hand, cloisonné urns can be a perfect memorial for any type of service when an urn is needed or required. These style urns, like many others can be entombed in a cemetery columbarium niche or buried in a grave (check with your cemetery for their policy on urn burial).

Like any form or artwork, each piece is unique.

This classic urn has so many fine details. Hand finished enamel is inlayed to give this selection a beautiful style in true cloisonne fashion.

Matching cloisonne heart holds about four ounces of cremated remains and minature Keepsakes are available in the check out field.