Athena Pewter Brass Cremation Urn
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Athena Pewter Cremation Urn

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Athena Pewter Cremation Urn.

An affordable metal urn with slight design shaped in a traditional vase form. Urn has a screw top lid that can be hand fastened or sealed with epoxy.


Brass Metal

 Brass is one of the most commonly utilized materials to create all types of stylish urns today. Brass is a semi-precious metal forged from alloy (copper) and zinc. These materials combine to make a timeless feature platform for the many shapes and designes that we offer at Brass has been in use since ancient times because of its unique beauty and affordability. Our wide collection of brass urns is endless. 

Ideal For Home Display or Burial
Brass urns have a variety of uses. Many families that select brass urns maintain them at home. However, brass is suitable for almost every service option including: final disposition but not limited to entombed in a cemetery, columbarium niche or buried in a family plot or grave.


  • Dimensions:  10.3" x 6.1"
  • Capacity:       200 Cubic Inch 
  • Also available in small keepsake encased w/in a velvet box.
    Adult full-size urn which is designed to hold the cremains of a person having a total body weight of up to apporx. 200 pounds prior to the cremation process.