Ash Scattering by Cremation Services By The Sea

Cremation Services By The Sea is a family owned and operated cremation business that offers basic cremation services and merchandise through direct vendors. Family's that select our business generally can save thousands of dollars when compared to traditional funeral services. Our mission is to serve our community with dignified services, honor and professionalism. 

Precious Memorial Urns is the sister company of Cremation Services By The Sea. Combined, our businesses and ideas are making a difference on how people see and feel about cremation arrangements. From professional cremation service packages to cremation urns and other merchandise, choosing us over the competition is the first step in securing a trusting hand through difficult times.

Cremation Services By The Sea offers Sea Scattering Services too. The earth is covered by 90% water and this is where the trend for sea scattering begins. Our working partnership with allows us to team together with "Florida's Trusted Name in Cremation Services", to bring you an affordable tribute, for your loved ones final journey.

The ocean is free space for these services. It also offers a peaceful conclusion to a life well lived. With todays technology, sea scatterings are completed and GPS location is logged. This allows families to visit that special place if they ever wanted to. It also gives meaning to the location and can be a rally point for future visits, dives or special events. Remember, even if you decide to scatter your loved ones ashes at sea without the help of a professional, we kindly remind you, there are laws and regulations that you must know. It's always best to seek professional assistance and do things the right way. Contact our office, we would be honored to assist you. 

Did you know that a study just found that by the year 2017, 1 out of 2 individuals will choose cremation over traditional burial. Fact: The average funeral in the United States costs 6 times more than the cost of a Direct Cremation. Since cremation can save a family thousands of dollars, that will allow them to focus on a meaningful service, remembrance or memorial service that fits the individuals personality for a fraction of the cost. Cremation also allows the family to reduce the financial burden and keeps more money in their pocket.

When the facts are combined with low cremation cost options and free space, it is no wonder that Direct Cremation with a Sea Scattering have become a viable option to millions of individuals nationwide.



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Limited release Anchors Away will not last. Rock Salt Cremation Urn - 100% Biodegradable Oval Peaceful Return Bio Urn for Natural Ash Scattering of Sea Scattering. Includes Planting Seeds.
Anchor Inlay Mother of Pearl UrnBiodegradable Rock Salt Urn Peaceful Return Bio-Urn - Oval

Unique Mother of Pearl Anchor Urn.

Biodegradable Rock Salt Urn

Peaceful Return Bio Urn (Oval)






Foot Print Urn made from sand. Ocean Sunset Scattering Tube makes a perfect memorial for scattering at sea or in a special place. Dove Scattering Urn
Ocean Sand Biodegradable Urn Sunset Nature Scattering Tube Asending Doves Scattering Tube

The Sand & Gelatin urns are produced using natural materials to create an artful, yet environmentally-friendly alternative for families. 

Ocean Sunset Cremation Scattering Tube

"Dove Scattering Tube"






The Camo Scattering Tube. Ideal for hunters, outdoor sportsman and military personel The American Patriot Scattering Tube Rainbow Pond Scattering Urn
Camo Scattering Tube Patriot Scattering Tube Rainbow Scattering Tube

Camouflage Scattering Urn

The Patriot Scattering Urn

"Rainbow Pond Scattering Tube"







The 19th hole Scattering Tube. Ideal for memorial services for golfers The Journey urn Collection - Choose Color (small journey urn is sold separate).
19th Hole Golfer's Scattering Tube Journey Urn Collection (Select Color)

19th Hole Golfer's Scattering Urn.

The Journey urn Collection ideal for services on the water.




If you or a loved one are considering if "Sea Scattering" is the right option, please feel free to contact Cremation Services By The Sea. We are located in South Florida and offer private (unattended) sea scattering services for the best rate. 


Cremation Services By The Sea can provide the actual cremation arrangements and services at a fraction of the cost of a local funeral home.