Americana Cremation Urn

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The All Americana Veteran Cremation urn is forged from brass in a timeless urn vase shape. The American flag design waves proud. Details include: silver tone highlights and the beautiful stars of freedom. It has a threaded top opening lid that can be tightend by hand or sealed closed with epoxy. 

United States of America
A proud tradition of the American Veteran and Patriot who served their country with dignity and honor. A symbol of dedication and love for country and freedom. Use code: 5off at checkout to get an additional $5.00 off of this urn and a token of our thanks. *Code must be used at checkout only and may only be used for the purchase of this urn.

Ideal for Veterans, Home Display or Burial
The Americana is ideal for Veteran and patriotic services. Like many other urns, this urn can be cherished at home, entombed in a cemetery columbarium niche or buried in a family or private grave.

Approximate Product Dimensions:
“The Patriot” American Flag Adult Cremation Urn with hand painted red, white & blue flag design over nickel-plated brass. Threaded lid allows secure closure. Felt-lined base. Dimensions: 10.5″ H x 6″ W Capacity: 200 cu. in. Appropriate for an adult with a healthy weight of up to 210 pounds prior to cremation. Sizes available in this model: Adult, Keepsake

Keepsake size sold separate and can be ordered by phone.