19th Hole Golfer's Scattering Tube

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Scattering tubes are ideally used as an economical and respectful means to transport, display and scatter cremated remains. Since scattering tubes offer a variety of beautiful presentation photographic finishes, they may also be included as a display piece in a memorial service or celebration of life service that honors your loved one. Scattering Tube cremation urns are constructed of only environmentally-friendly fiber-board and related materials. Tubes feature a top opening function that allows individuals to easily enhance a cremation scattering ceremony while being cost effective.

The Scattering Tube Biodegradable Cremation Urn
This urn is designed to be biodegradable. Since recycled materials are utilized in the construction of these scattering tubes, energy sources and the environmental impact was reduced in its' development. This is important for all of us. Biodegradable cremation urns are carefully made with the hopes to reduce our overall carbon footprint in nature.

When Scattering Ashes
Keep in mind that local and federal laws may apply when scattering cremated remains. These laws vary from place to place and it is important to know your legal limitations (or if such limitations exist). While scattering on private property is always an option, many individuals wish to use public lands, or waterways, therefore, we stress that you research this information. 

Professional Sea Scattering: Please visit CremationServicesByTheSea.com

Approximate Product Dimensions:
Height: 12.60"
Diameter: 5.00