Sea Scatter Cremation Urns

 Hand-Crafted Biodegradable Urn

  • Crafted by hand from recycled and earth-friendly natural materials.
  • Biodegrades naturally in water and includes a bio-bag.
  • Designed to float for approximately five minutes before descending peacefully.

Biodegradable Water Burial The Journey Earthurn is engineered specifically for water burial. It is designed to float for approx. 3 to 5 minutes before peacefully descending. Once on the ocean floor it will break down naturally and disperse the ashes from the bottom of the sea floor.

Simple Scattering (over land or water)
Earthurns are also perfect for simple scattering. They open easily to allow the scattering process.

How It Is Made: The species of tree bark utilized to make this unique urn comes from the Mulberry Tree. The bark is harvested in specialized way that the tree continues to mature. This skill and process ensures the preservation of precious forests. Harvested bark is soaked, when it softens it is then laid out on bamboo screens. Floral materials are then inlaid into the paper product by hand. The final step concludes when the screens are then placed in the sun to dehydrate. The final paper material is used to make these beautiful and environmentally-friendly urns.

Product Information  Availability: Usually ships same or next business day. 

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The 19th hole Scattering Tube. Ideal for memorial services for golfers Rock Salt Cremation Urn - 100% Biodegradable The Journey urn Collection - Choose Color (small journey urn is sold separate).
19th Hole Golfer's Scattering Tube Biodegradable Rock Salt Urn Journey Urn Collection (Select Color)

19th Hole Golfer's Scattering Urn.

Biodegradable Rock Salt Urn

The Journey urn Collection ideal for services on the water.






Heart with roses Sailboat Bio Urn for Sea Scattering
Biodegradable Heart with Roses UrnSpirit of The Sea Bio Urn

Circle of Life Eco Urn: Heart with Roses Biodegradable

Wholesale Circle of Life Eco Urn: Spirit of the Sea 



 Sea Scattering Cremation Urns