Biodegradable Heart with Roses Urn

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Wholesale Circle of Life Eco Urn: Heart with Roses

This urn is suitable for water burial or ground burial.

This elegant, heart-shaped urn is adorned with roses. The back reveals the urn opening that may be sealed with the heart-shaped lid. An environmentally friendly alternative, this paper clay urn made of clay minerals and natural plant fibers will not harm the environment. Once the urns are place in water or in the earth the plant fibers help soak up water so the urn dissolves over time. This handmade urn includes a water soluble bag. Line first with the water soluble bag, then load. Permanently close with glue or sealant. Urn lies flat; see "side view" image.

Due to artisan hand-crafting, all weights and sizes are approximate and colors/patterns may vary slightly. Proudly made in the USA. Please allow 3-4 business days to create plus shipping time.

Approximate Size: 13" L x 12" W x 2.75" Deep
Capacity: Holds approximately 200 cubic inches (or the ashes of a loved one that weighed 200 lbs or less at time of passing). 
Material: Un-fired Grolleg Porcelain Paper Clay