Biodegradable Cremation Urns

These urns offer the flexibility of suiting the needs of those families who wish to have a perfect memorial of their loved one, in a way, that is less impactful on the environment than a traditional burial. Biodegradable urns are created to reduce ones carbon footprint once they have passed away. Therefore, biodegradable urns can be buried on land or scattered over water. 

Many biodegradable cremation urns disolve over a short period of time, yet still allow for that special place of burial to become a destination of rememberance and reflection for generations to come. Many of these urns can also be retained until that special moment of letting go, comes calling to the heart.

Scattering tubes are also earth friendly and are made from recycled fiber board and other natural materials. They also allow for a holding vessel for ashes prior to celebration of life oe memorial services are scheduled after funeral arrangements.

Biodegradable urns after cremation are becoming a trend with cremation services. Families utilizing such urns have a broader use for these urns and they actually become a unique part of any memorial service, like sea scattering or green burials.

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Heart with roses Foot Print Urn made from sand. Rainbow Pond Scattering Urn
Biodegradable Heart with Roses UrnOcean Sand Biodegradable UrnRainbow Scattering Tube

Circle of Life Eco Urn: Heart with Roses Biodegradable

The Sand & Gelatin urns are produced using natural materials to create an artful, yet environmentally-friendly alternative for families. 

"Rainbow Pond Scattering Tube"





Sailboat Bio Urn for Sea Scattering Eco Urn, biodegradable urn for sea burial or green burial of cremated remains. The Journey urn Collection - Choose Color (small journey urn is sold separate).
Spirit of The Sea Bio UrnEco Urn Blue Journey Urn Collection (Select Color)

Wholesale Circle of Life Eco Urn: Spirit of the Sea 

The Passages EcoUrns are made from durable and environmentally-friendly cornstarch.

The Journey urn Collection ideal for services on the water.





Embrace Earth Urn comes in two colors (Blue or White) Embrace Earth Urn comes in two colors (Green or Purple) Ocean Sunset Scattering Tube makes a perfect memorial for scattering at sea or in a special place.
Embrace EarthUrn FloralEmbrace Earth Urn Sunset Nature Scattering Tube

Embrace urn (Blue or White)

Embrace urns come in Purple, Blue, Green and White (no photo slot)

Ocean Sunset Cremation Scattering Tube





Dove Scattering Urn The American Patriot Scattering Tube The Camo Scattering Tube. Ideal for hunters, outdoor sportsman and military personel
Asending Doves Scattering Tube Patriot Scattering Tube Camo Scattering Tube

"Dove Scattering Tube"

The Patriot Scattering Urn

Camouflage Scattering Urn






 Biodegradable urns for ashes.